The story of “how it all started”

A word from the founder:

I used to work for bigger agencies working for bigger companies. The type of companies that can put a nice sum of money on the table to get a beautiful website with custom made functionalities and a whole social media strategy attached to it. More often than not a total rebranding was sold on top of it. Because if you want to do it good you have to go all the way, right?! This of course comes with a price tag. Which means charities, bloggers and smaller companies or start-ups can not afford this. But for them this digital brand experience is equally (or even more) important. They have to make a good first impression to grow the audience they need to successfully reach their goal. Often they are forced to go for something that isn’t just cheap, but also looks cheap, and impersonal. I truly believe we can do better than that. Nothing is for free, but I believe there is still a lot of space for improvement between ‘cheap’ and ‘ridiculously expensive’.

I am very passionate about the ‘experience’ people have with brands online. It always hurts me to I see an organisation with a beautiful cause but an unappealing brand experience. We all eat with our eyes. We decide in a few second whether something is worth our time or not. So sometimes organisation lose part of their very valuable audience, because they are unable to catch our attention in those first few important seconds. Or, sometimes they are able to make a good first impression, but unable to make it a lasting one.

So after working as a Digital Experience Designer and Consultant for about 10 years and seeing all this happen right in front of me, I decided that it was time to do something about it. And so, “House of ROK” was born in June 2017.


Who we work for and why?

Start-ups, smaller companies, bloggers and charities