What we can do for you

House of ROK Ltd is a Digital Experience Design studio. This means that we help shape the online experience people have with your organisation. We do this from start to finish. From strategy to implementation. But if you already have a strategy we can also help you with the implementation. Or if you already have a designer, but would like some help with your online strategy, we will happily help you out.


This usually starts with all of us around the table. Talking about your organisation. We talk about what you do, why you do it, who you do it for and what your goals are.

Research is always an important part of defining a strategy. See where you currently stand, who your competition is and where there is room for improvement.

After putting everything together we will present you a strategy suggestion. This can be as basic or detailed as you want. This ideally will not just be about a website, a website is only one of many channels to communicate by. This will cover the whole online communication chain. Every online point of contact someone has with your brand.

Before going into implementation we will refine the strategy together with you until it perfectly fits your organisation and goals.


Don’t worry, we got you! Design, development and copywriting are all done in house. Digital design and development, social media content, imagery and all other assets needed to fulfil your strategy goals can be provided by us. We have ‘years’ of experience in this area and can provide you absolute top quality.

UX/UI design, HTML/CSS development, WordPress CMS, photography, illustrations, copywriting (English and Dutch), SEO, social media advertising, …

We also have partners for 3D design and App development. 

WordPress websites and blogs

WordPress is the most commonly used CMS when it comes to blogs and basic websites. You can easily install and manage it yourself. But we do it better. We have some tricks up our sleeves when it comes to completely personalising your WordPress experience. Whether it’s for a basic website or a professional blog, we know just how to do it.

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